Seeing is believing: Hezbollah terrorism openly promoted on the streets of America

Sam Bazzi
Sam Bazzi

By Sam Bazzi, counterterrorism analyst and activist

The Islamic Counterterrorism Institute (ICI), which monitors and reports on high risk anti-America religiopolitical groups based in the United States and abroad, tracked the organizers and attendees of a pro-Iranian regime/Hezbollah event dubbed “Husayn Day Peace Walk.” The reality was far, far from peaceful.

The keynote speaker during the deceiving event, Malcolm Shabazz, did not shy away from engaging in racial and religious incitement by demonizing White Christians and attacking Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Dubai while generously showering praise on the Iranian and Syrian regimes as well as the Lebanon-based international terrorism and crime organization Hezbollah. Shabazz accused the moderate Arab Gulf countries of not doing enough for Palestine and extolled the Iranian regime and its proxies and allies as the role model to be followed.

The event took place at Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland on Sunday, December 4, 2011.

ICI produced the following video to share with the public the taste of the Husayn Day “Peace” Walk and expose the true nature of the toxic Khomeinist forces lurking among us:

The Husayn Day “Peace” Walk: Incitement in the name of peace!


The Husayn Day “Peace” Walk is organized and promoted by Saba Islamic Center of San Jose, Fatimiyya Islamic Center of Hayward, CA, and other Bay Area Khomeinist entities.

Hayward Council Member Bill Quirk was lured to attend the “Peace” event only to be shocked by the abhorrent speech of Malcolm Shabazz and the display of militancy by the Walk’s organizers and attendees, many of whom were shamelessly sporting Basij/Pasdaran scarves to demonstrate their loyalty to the anti-America¬†Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.
California Assemblymember Bill Quirk (D)
California Assemblymember Bill Quirk (D)
I¬†recently called Bill Quirk to inquire about his experience with the Husayn Day “Peace” Walk. Bill made it very clear that he was deeply disappointed with what he had witnessed during the event. Indeed, he was not the first politician to be baited by Shia Association of Bay Area (SABA Islamic Center) in the name of peace only to discover that he or she was … cheated.
Sam Bazzi is an American counterterrorism and counter-ideology expert. He is the founder of the Islamic Counterterrorism Institute. Bazzi blogs at and tweets at @sambazzi.

4 thoughts on “Seeing is believing: Hezbollah terrorism openly promoted on the streets of America”

  1. The problem with Saba Islamic Center is that its leadership made the assumption that Allah (swt)  is on its side without knowing this for a fact. This flawed thinking brought disasters to this organization.

  2. Regardless of your false claims, SABA is a peaceful organization that operates whinthin the confines of the law. As for Shabazz, he was a guest speaker and does not represent SABA's position. He spoke only for himself.

  3. It seems that Malcolm Shabazz is stuck in an era that no longer exists. Long time ago, hundreds of thousands of Americans perished on the battlefield of the Civil War for the sake of ending slavery. Yet, Shabazz  wants America to live an eternal guilt when it has already repented! The logic of Shabazz is totally twisted.

    Doesn't Shabazz realize that he is joining the bandwagon of the very forces that seek to enslave humanity, all of it, regardless of race?

    One more thing: The United States of America abolished slavery in 1865, but it took Iran 64 more years to follow suit! Persia did not formally abolish slavery until 1929.

  4. Thank you for the article. These people are dangerous and ought to be kept under close watch by the government.

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