Domain Names Social Parking

SaM BaZzIBy Sam Bazzi, technologist and entrepreneur

Domain Names Social Parking (DNSP) or Social Parking for short, is the inclusion of technologies such as feedback comment systems, weblogs, social bookmarking, wikis, RSS feeds, and online tools along with the traditional ads and search keywords on the Landing Page of a parked domain name. This parking methodology can promote visitor stickiness, for those who leave feedback comments on a particular web page might revisit it to re-read their own postings or post replies to someone else. This technique could also gain the parked domain a Google ranking and hence organic search traffic.

Traditionally, domain name monetization companies such as Sedo and DomainSponsor have so far refrained from allowing the visitors of their parked domains to leave comments. R&D has indeed shown that web pages that includes optimized ads actually monetize far better than pages that include content as well. In addition, allowing user to create their own content would require the development of additional administrative tools as well as human monitoring and intervention. This adds to the cost of doing business while reducing profitability. There are also legal risks and potential liabilities associated with user-generated content, particularly with copyright violations, defamation, and libel; however, such risks are remedied with the publishing of public legal notices as well as content supervision.

On the other hand, there are several benefits to Social Parking. For one thing, the visitors of the web page can interact with it and create unique content. With that, the page can legitimately gain recognition by the major Search Engines such as Ask, Google, and Yahoo. This leads to additional web traffic resulting from search queries. Furthermore, those who leave comments are expected to revisit them to read feedback and continue discussions.

Another benefit is that such socially oriented domain name parking pages might gain links from the websites of parties interested in their valuable content. Hence, more traffic. In addition, by sharing control of the parked domain name web pages with their visitors and users, one might win free promoters of such web properties through features such as email-this-page or when bloggers choose to write about their content. Typically, no one blogs about domain names with content consisting of purely of ads.

Online tools and online games are also popular attractions for web surfers.

In the long term, a socially oriented parked domain will also monetize, given that it is properly administered, maintained, and promoted. It is more work and higher cost for sure, but for certain domain names such as Internationalized Domain Names (IDN), this may be an unavoidable necessity. It will be long time before IDNs start gaining type-in traffic simply because the IDN technology is still unknown to the masses and most computers are not necessarily configured or equipped to handle IDN.

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